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Terms and Conditions

The recorded Content rules are valid for both POS and online, unless otherwise stated.

Rules for betting

The minimum bet for making a coupon at Superbet is GYD 200. The maximum amount that can be won on any coupon paid amounts to GYD 15,000,000.00

1. Game rules

a) The challenge for the player is to predict that the home team wins, a tie, or that the out team wins in regular time. The player can place a single bet or combinationbet of unlimited matches on a coupon with a maximum payout of GYD 15,000,000.00.

b) When placing a bet, the customer confirms that they do not have prior knowledge or another equivalent of the outcome or the course of the sports event in question.

c) Combinations consisting of ‘2 matches plus’ can be chosen from each of the matches on the provided program.

d) The winning amount is calculated as follows: the odds of the games will be multiplied with one another and then with the stake.

e) If the match succeeds is not occurring as specified on the competition list (e.g. change of the place or against another opponent), the bet is void and the stake will be refunded if the home team voluntarily renounces its home advantage, as the ground of the home team is down or if the event is transferred to a neutral territory, the bet is valid.

f) If the bet is placed after the competition has started, the bet is void (odd is put on 1.00)

g) At a bet of a TIP contest, or 3-way or 2-way extra time and penalty shootouts have no effect on the end result after regular time, unless otherwise stated (varies by sport).

h) If a match, for whatever reason, does not take place as planned or ends without an official score and did not start within 24 hours, then the bets are refunded/cancelled again. If a betting event is cancelled and is still judged officially, the stakes are then refunded / re-credited.

i) Bets are paid taking into account of any win limit which may exist.

j) The "play or pay" principle applies to all bets, which means that if the starter on whom the bet is placed is not playing, for whatever reason, the bet is lost if the competition takes place. Tennis forms an exception to this rule, because the bet is refunded if the player does not play (odds of 1.00).

k) If, in a multiple bet, a starter on whom a bet is placed does not participate in an event, or as one of the events on which bets are placed, is called off, suspended or revoked,or does not take place for other reasons and the relevant bet events not later be played within 1 day after the end of the calendar day, the game calculated with odds of 1.00. Betting on baseball is the exception to this rule;If a match does not take place on the same calendar day, the game is calculated at odds of 1.00. The same applies to the bet events that are incorrectly in the betting program (odds list) (wrong choice of place), but not in the case when a team decides to give up her home advantage, as the ground of the home team is down or if the event is transferred to a neutral ground. If none of the starters, who are also in a multiple bet, participate in the bet event or if all events on which bets are placed in a multiple bet are cancelled, suspended or revoked or if they do not take place for any reason, and the event is reallocated as described above, the bet will be refunded.

l) The same match torque should not be combined more than once. (Also applies to handicap bets, final result bets, and special bets).

m) In head-to-head betting, both starters participate in the bet events. If either or both starters do not participate in the bet events, the bet is called off. If both participants in a Head-to-Head bet fall out (such as, but not limited to, none of them achieved the goal), both participants will be evaluated as incorrect. If a runner does not qualify for the 2nd round, this is not considered a drop-out.

2. Exclusion and limitation of liability

a) Superbet does not guarantee constant availability and functionality of all products. Superbet cannot be held responsible by the customer for any damage, loss or loss of profits that the customer incurs owing to their non-availability of the products offered by Superbet.

b) Superbet does not accept any liability for transmission-, input-and/or analysis errors. In particular, Superbet reserves the right for obvious errors, such as errors related to opportunities or events/teams/etc., in its sole discretion to correct. If the error does not restore, Superbet is the event evaluated as having a chance of 1.00. The bet is only deemed to have been established or confirmed by the Superbet amount.

c) In no event Superbet shall be held liable for any damage or loss caused by incorrect, delayed, manipulated or improper data transfer via internet. Superbet take all legally required and technologically reasonable steps to protect the customer's data stored on Superbet. Despite the implementation of these measures Superbet cannot be held responsible for the control and the processing of customer data by third parties or damages, losses or other disadvantages arise in connection therewith.

d) The customer is fully liable for any damage or loss that incurs in relation to the breach of this Superbet T & C’ s or any other provisions applicable to bets or games of chance. Superbet shall indemnify the customer against any claims by third parties arising from such behavior.

e) Superbet is not be liable to the customer for any damage or loss, which are outside the control of normal and foreseeable Superbet were when the event took place. Liability for any damage or loss caused by slight negligence is excluded. Superbet is not liable for any loss of profit.

f) It is solely at the discretion of Superbet to refuse the individual bets or limit bets. Superbet further reserves the right to disqualify gambling users without giving reasons.

g) Superbet reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the odds before bets are placed. The odds will not change after a bet, that is to say the odds remain stable.

3. Profit limits

• The limit profit per stake amounts to GYD 15,000,000. A customer is allowed to place more identical bets, no matter the time or the series.

4. Results

• In case of football and other sports, bets will be settled according to the official result as published by the Press Association (PA) immediately after the match or the event is finished. If the PA will change its decision after this period all bets remain in force in accordance with their original result. If the result from the PA is not immediately available the result will be as stated by the official of the governing body, immediately after the game or the event, has been published for settlement purposes. All corrections or modifications following after this result will not apply for settlement purposes.

5. Per individual match connected eventualities.

• As Superbet offers different possibilities for betting on one and the same match (e.g. Correct Score, Maker of the first goal, etc.) these cannot be accumulated to a combined bet whose outcome is connected among themselves unless in those cases where for score-predictions special set prices are made available.

6. Acceptance time for Football betting

• Bets are accepted up till 5 minutes before the announced kick-off time.

7. Mistakes

• SUPERBET will make every effort to avoid accepting bets mistakes which are made. However, if as a result of a human error or problems, a bet is accepted at an incorrect price (including the odds, handicap facilities, and other terms and conditions or details of the bet), SUPERBET will determine the correct price; prices which are available in the General market at the time the bet was placed will be taken into consideration, including the prices of other companies that offer betting. In such case, the best market price will be accepted.


If the price is set as 100-1 while the price on the General market is 10-1, all winning bet sheep are settled according to the price on the General market.

If disability facilities are clearly wrongly awarded all bets on this match will be void.

The normal handicap-placement with the correct odds would be presented in the table below.

SOCCER   EuropeanHandicap+1
Code Time Live Home Away 1 X 2 EH
International Clubs-Copa Libertadores,Knockout stage
4672 19:15 YES Deportivo Toluca SAO Paulo SP 2.66 3.63 2.01 0*1

However, if a disability is wrong, as the table below shows, all bets on the game (s) are invalid and SUPERBETTING Fair Rule will apply.

SOCCER   EuropeanHandicap+1
Code Time Live Home Away 1 X 2 EH
International Clubs-Copa Libertadores,Knockout stage
4672 19:15 YES Deportivo Toluca SAO Paulo SP 2.66 3.63 2.01 1*0

8. Fraud/Hoax/Scam

a) SUPERBET will pursue criminal and contractual penalties against any fraud, dishonesty or criminal acts involved in client and/or reseller. SUPERBET will withhold payment at each client where some of these crimes are suspected.

b) The client will indemnify and SUPERBET, when claimed, will not be liable for all costs, expenses, damages or losses suffered SUPERBET (including any direct, indirect or resulting losses, loss of profits or name damage) directly or indirectly arising out of fraud,dishonesty or criminal act by the client.

c) SUPERBET reserves the right to withhold payment during the period of the research.

9. Withholding of payment and the right to liability to compensate

a) SUPERBET reserves the right to withhold payment and betting on an annual event if they have evidence that one of the following situations has occurred:

1. the integrity of the event is called into question;

2. the prize (s) or the joint deployment is/are manipulated;

3. thecontest is rigged.

b) Proof of the above can be based on the size, the volume or pattern of the bet placed bets with any or all of the channels. A by the relevant managing body of the sport in question taken decision (if any) will be decisive (as a score on external sites is different but we will work with the correct score of FIFA). If a client, due to any reason, owes money to SUPERBET. SUPERBET retains the right to consider this before payment to that client.

10. Dead heats/tie of two or more selections

• 'Dead heat' is the statement for the circumstance that occurs when two or more selections in an event end in a tie. If in any event a ' dead heat ' between two selections is declared half of the bet will be awarded to the selection with full odds and the other half are regarded as lost. If there are more than two ' dead heats will be proclaimed the bet accordingly be proportioned '.

11. Role of the client

• Always check that what is asked must be printed correspondingly on the receipt. Always make sure that after payment a payment receipt is provided. Don't forget to make contact with an employee in cases where the feeling is that SUPERBET has committed a mistake.

12. Bet at Superbet. Bet wisely!

• Betting can be a great form of entertainment keeping in mind that the player retains control of himself. SUPERBET wishes to ensure that its players always enjoy this experience, advises its players and therefore participate in a responsible way to betting.

• SUPERBET will always strive to support the player in trouble (by giving the player the correct explanations and information for such a contest). Trough buying a lot, s the client is deemed to have taken the full rules and agree to be bound and to abide by this bet rules.

13. Accounting time of football betting

• Bets will be accepted until the announced sales-closing time as indicated for the specific competition (normally 5 minutes before kick-off).

14. Bets accepted after the actual Kick-Off

• Bets that are made after the actual kick-off will be regarded as illegal, even if they are accepted by the terminal and a lot is printed. A fate that is related to an illegal bet will be considered Void without right of refund. Nevertheless, SUPERBET may allow to refund individual tickets in some cases only in its opinion.

15. Accepted bets on games played earlier than planned

• If the start time of a particular contest is officially early (earlier than planned), it will be considered as null and void and the bet will be paid on the basis of 1:1.

16. Deviations

• SUPERBET does everything to ensure that no deviations occur between the printed data on the ticket and the data as in the central system. However, in the event of a human error or problem to the system a bet is accepted with dates that are different from the dates laid down in the system, the data in the system. By buying a lottery ticket the player is supposed to agree with the data in the central system to accept as correct.

17. Canceled lottery tickets (these are canceled tickets)

• Identified in the system as cancelled lot, even if the cancellation is caused by a human error or a system problem, it will not be entitled to any payment. In some cases, this at SUPERBET's discretion, the company may decide to refund a cancelled lot amount paid by the player.

18. Lottery tickets not laid down in the system

• As a result of human error, system problem, or any other problem,not in the central system will be considered null and void and the holder of the ticket will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid for that lottery ticket.

19. Tickets which are laid down in the central system after termination of the event.

• A ticket logged in the system after the end of the event will be seen as an illegal, from fraud derived bet.

20. Damaged cards

• The original lot is the only valid proof of ownership of a particular bet. It is not possible to offer copies of a lot for payment. Players must safely keep their ticket. Disabled or worn out lottery tickets, in particular, but not limited to, also the ID of that lottery tickets and the bar code will not be accepted as valid evidence and will not be paid out.

21. Payout of winning tickets

• Winning tickets will normally be paid on the day after the last mentioned on the lot contest. Unless otherwise determined by SUPERBET. Winning amounts can be claimed at any retailer and at the SUPERBET headquarters at 72 Barrack Street Kingston, Georgetown. It is only in some exceptional cases, that SUPERBET, at its power, is allowed to cancel the payout. In those cases, the company will make an announcement to the public through its Points of Payment.

22. Validity of tickets

• A ticket is valid for 90 days from the day of purchase (the date printed on the fate).

23. Status of mistakes and mismanagement made by ticket sellers

• The sellers of SUPERBET lottery tickets are normally self-employed. They are not representatives of SUPERBET or official agents (unless directly by the company employed). SUPERBET will make every effort to train the salespeople so that they are able to comply with corporate procedures. SUPERBET apologizes in advance for any misconduct of its vendors and is committed to appropriate and prompt corrective measures. However, SUPERBET will not be liable for any damages resulting from errors or mismanagement of the sellers.

Superbet reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the odds before bets are placed. The odds will not change after a bet, that is to say the odds remain stable.

24. Online rules

In the following general terms and conditions is referred to as "Superbet", all references to the "customer" refer to users of

General rules

a) Registration on the site, any use of the services offered and all bets accepted by bet/Superbet are subject to the terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "T&C's" or "terms and conditions").

b) Superbet reserves the right to modify the present general terms and conditions by means of this notification to the customer. Changes automatically come into effect after they are published. All versions contain the version number and the date of change of the validity. The customer is responsible to read all the versions regularly and to check for any changes or modifications that are made.

c) All the provisions set out in this T&C's are applicable to all the products and services as offered, unless otherwise specified.

d) When placing a bet or participating in a game the customer accepts the validity and applicability of this T & C's in their current version.

e) All information, texts, photos, melodies, videos, trademarks, images, software, or applications that are posted on the website, are the property of Superbet or provided to Superbet for use under a valid licence; the customer has no rights in relation to the above items.

f) Superbet reserves the right to certain games, betting or tournaments not to offer on the website.

25. The Customer

a) The customer confirms that he/she has the minimum age for participation in sports betting and all other products and services offered by Superbet in accordance with its national legal system, and that he has the necessary legal capacity. If there is no legal obligation in the respective jurisdiction, the minimum age is 18 years.

b) The customer confirms that the money used on Superbet is not from prohibited sources and that the account is not used for any criminal activity in the applicable legal system.

c) If a minor player is identified, bet account will be blocked immediately. If a minor player is still managing to deposit money, all deposits and winnings are forfeited to the State.

d) Bets that are successfully posted in Superbet are confirmed with the message "Your bet is accepted". This message has no effect on the place nor on the time when the agreement is concluded.

26. Account

a) To use the services offered on Superbet, the customer must have a valid betting account ' (account for placing the bet/take part in the betting/gambling, hereinafter referred to as ' bet account') with sufficient resources. Depending on the credit on this account, the customer can immediately place bets.

b) Customers are permitted to use only one (1) account. Opening multiple accounts is not permitted. If we have grounds to suspect on reasonable grounds that one of our customers has opened multiple accounts with us, e.g. in order to bet-,the deposit or the extraction limit to avoid, we reserve the right at our discretion to freeze that customer's account or to close the account immediately and the customer will lose all his profits. Customers must also take into account that the original deposits will not be refunded.

c) When clicking on the key (' register now ') ' register now!' on our registration page, the customer will be forwarded to our registration form. This form contains the mandatory introduction of personal data and account information including the telephone number, a valid email address (optional) and password. The customer is also invited to confirm that he/she is older than 18 years and that he/she has read our general policy and accepts our terms and conditions and the 4 digits code. If all required fields have been filled in and the "register" button is clicked on, the customer will receive an OTP (One Time Password) by a SMS on the registered number and is obliged to activate the account with the OTP (One Time Password)

d) Upon registration, the client itself must

● register with full, proper name and surname;

● register with the full correct residential address;

● register with a correct mobile phone number;

● register with a valid email address (optional).

e) The customer is obliged to ensure that its information is complete and up to date. Only the customer shall be liable for damages or other disadvantages that arise as a result of ignoring this provision and therefore fully indemnify Superbet.

f) Customers have the right to close their account without giving any reason. To do this, the customer must notify Superbet via email. Once Superbet received this email the account of the customer will accordingly be closed.

g) The customer as the sole and exclusive owner of the bet account remains responsible for protecting the privacy of the information of this account and should see to it that third parties do not get access of or use his account. An account cannot be transferred to a third party, nor be pledged. If the customer allows third parties to use his bet account, Superbet reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate or suspend the account immediately.

h) If the bet account is used by third parties, with or without the customer's consent, the customer if only the full responsibility. Superbet is not liable for any damage or loss incurred by the customer and/or third parties through the use of the bet account.

i) Before any data can be sent over the internet, the customer must use a code that is assigned to itself (bet account and password, each password can be changed by the customer). The bet account number and the password must at all times be kept secret, as all account transactions are charged from the customer once the bet account number and password are specified.

j) To make an internet bet valid, the credit of the bet account-that the customer can control- must at least be the value of the bet.

k) In the case of obvious errors in the preparation of the customer balance, Superbet has the right to the necessary changes.

l) Superbet strictly prohibits the use of robotic, mechanical or electronic, or other devices to automatically make decisions in any game, or that use is tried out or affected by a customer or by a guest or by third parties.

m) Superbet reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to close an account or unilaterally to set limits for the game or winning, or to exclude the player, in whole or in part of products or services.

n) 'Inactive account "means the account of players who will not be able to log in (sign in) and/or log out (unsubscribe) over a period of longer than 90 consecutive days.

27. Miscellaneous

• Customer requests and complaints are handled through email, phone or through the live support; contact details can be found on the website.

• Superbet reserves the right to regularly check different types of bonuses, contests or promotions. The customer will be informed in advance about the respective conditions for participation and use, either on the website ( or by email or through other means. By participating, the customer confirms that he has read these terms and that he accepts these conditions. Bonuses may be cashed out or never directly be transferred to another bet account. However, the profit from the use of the bonus may be paid under conditions of participation and usage.

28. Live Betting

General Payment and Cancelation rules

a) If the outcome of a bet type cannot be officially verified, we reserve the right to delay the scheme until an official arrangement has been made.

b) If the bet types were offered and the outcome was already known, then we have the right to annul all bets.

c) In the case of wrong calculated prices, we have the right to statutes annul. This includes a deviation of more than 100% in the pay-out to the bet type average.

d) If the coverage should be abandoned and the match is terminated normally then all the bet types will be arranged according to the final result.

e) If a result of a bet type cannot be compared, we have the right to statutes manual.

f) In the event of an incorrect payment of bet types, we have the right to correct them.

g) In the case of the General implied rules of a sport have been violated have the right to annul the bet types (e.g. never ending duration, count, size of a contest, etc.).

h) In the case of the rules or format of a game, other than the illustrated information, we have the right to annul all bet types.

i) If a match has not ended or played (e.g. disqualifications, interruptions, withdrawal, changes in the event of a tie), all indecisive bet types be considered void.

It is prohibited to persons under the age of 18 to take part.

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